laboratory of theatrical research                director: Eduardo Gilio



Theatrical group from Argentina, directed by Eduardo Gilio 

The group Teatro Accion, was founded in 1980, in Buenos Aires, Argentina,  when Eduardo Gilio at the age of 19, gathered toghether a group of young people interested in creating a theatrical laboratory aimed at exploring and experimenting the potential of the human being as an actor.

A deep transformation in the way of thinking and conceiving the theatre, both as an artistic fact and a human experience has guided the work from the very beginning. The searching is made in a collective dimension, and the work situation is that of a theatrical laboratory which emphasize its research in the art of the performer. They redefined the role mode of the actor and the director. Opposing conventional theatre, in which the actor offers his voice and body to let literary texts be represented, Teatro Accion proposes a rigorous way of working. They reject the idea of the actor as interpreter and director as somebody who is there just to make the word of an absent author be respected.They look for a creator-actor and an author-director. They define their method with the name Concrete Theatre, meaning a theatre that is born, grows and develops itself from its own matter. From the energy and the action that come from the meeting between the actors and the director.

 Each performer does daily a physical and vocal training, aimed at developing the body's and voice's potential. Works to eliminate psycho-physical resistances and reach the body-mind unity which puts him in a better creative condition. The training is in itself one physical and mental preparation, and the place for self-definition and taking side before the work.

Teatro Accion first productions came up as a result of a rigorous work in the field of technic, the enphasis put in the research of the creative processes and the experimentation on different montagge procedures. Every performance has been the result of an extensive previous period of searching and researching.

 The pedagogical activity is one of the most important chanels to transmit the principles and values that support the work. Yearly, Teatro Acción organizes various pedagogic situations. Seminars for performers and theatre students, seminars for young directors,  physical and vocal training workshops and seminars about specific theatrical work areas. As well the group has shown in various of its members' work demonstrations its working methodAs years passed by, Teatro Acción started to exchange experiences and expand its precense. Prestigious theatres and cultural institutions of international ambiance contact the group's work since what the members are invited to take part in important festivals, meetings, and seminars in America and Europe. Teatro Acción has traveled around America and Europe developing its work and presenting its performances in many countries such as Denmark, Germany, Brazil, Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, etc

The members of Teatro Accion develop various cultural activities. Seasons of theatre-video movies. Publish one art magazine. Works with schools and universities. Organizes a National Festival, etc

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